Survival in Progress (Unity3D, Mobiles)


Zombie RTS Unity3D Fast Prototype


Zombie Defense on IOS! (C# & JavaScript)



Gamescom 2015

„There’s never been a better time to be a gamer, and Gamescom 2015 showed this in spades, simply because games now allow you to do more, and do it in the method of your choosing, showing that is indeed about giving power to the players.”

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Belgian Red Devils SoccerStarz

Belgian Red Devils SoccerStarz (Unity3D) made for Carrefour by our team from Teyon.


Download Here for Android
Download Here for iOS 

Depending on the players position (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Striker) your devil will give you access to 5 totally different games corresponding to its position in the field! Collecting more than 1 player in each position will unlock more levels, unlocking additional levels increases the difficulty of the game!


42 Days – Unity Project

Here is first concept screenshot from our upcoming project. No details for now.Clay Wall Texture-1

Key Features:
- Open World Survival Horror
- Flying from one planet to another
- Coop multiplayer
- Various types of AI enemies
- Crafting Items to survive



Fight Union – Abandoned Prototype

Control your comrades through the city of Los Angeles and fight with other gangs to get control of all districts. Gain Respect, Customize your comrades whatever you like (clothes, weapons, drugs, upgrades), send them to gym, teach them new Martial Arts, hire new comrades in a nearby pub and a lot more.



Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (C++ MiniGames)

I worked for SoDigital as C++ Programmer of minigames for their new Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

maxresdefault (1)



BLACK IV is LIVE on ArmorGames!

Hi guys, i decided to keep working hard on BLACK IV and I’m focusing only on this game right now so please be patient. I hope to publish it somewhere in this summer. I will leave you now with my new trailer. Have fun!

BLACKIV_screenBLACKIV_screen2BLACKIV_screen3screenshot2 screenshot4screenshot6

List of features in game:

8 WEAPONS - Every weapon has different accuracy and damage which depends of your customization, movement, bullet time and other stuff.
3 SPECIAL WEAPONS - Research new extra weapons like : Chainsaw, Crossbow and MiniGun
5 TYPES OF GRENADES - Use different kind of grenades. Plant C4 to suprise hostiles, throw frozen grenade to froze your enemies or use flash grenades to cripple hostiles for 4 seconds. EMP grenades to destroy all machines in the area!
SLOW MOTION - Most recognizable feature of BLACK game series is back! Use bullet time to avoid hostile’s bullets, gain accuracy to your weapons or suprise your enemies from behind before they manage to notice you.
COLLECT COINS / LOOT - Collect coins to buy ammo and research new items. Loot wardrobes to find more coins or neutralize enemies.
UPGRADE YOUR CHARACTER - Gain experience to upgrade your special suit. You can spend your EXP points on special abbilites like : HEALTH, SLOW MOTION, SPEED, RESEARCH. Each of this abbilities is unique and only player decides on what he wants to spend his points.
FIND SHOPS - There are several shops on maps where you can buy ammo to your weapons, grenades
OVER 60 MAPS - Travel through maps freely and discover new environments.
24 ACHIEVEMENTS TO UNLOCK - Try to unlock all 24 different Achievements
CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEAPONS - Use 14 different weapon’s attachments like scopes and grids to raise accuracy or custom types of bullets to raise damage. Customize your favourite weapons whatever you like and blast your enemies!
RESEARCH - Research over 25 items while you are still in the action.
FIND ITEMS / OPEN DOORS - Find keys, items, levers or destroy electric boxes,  to open closed door and find secret rooms.
15 DIFFERENT TYPES OF ENEMIES - Discover over 15 new types of enemies like dogs, robots, special forces. Every enemy is different.
FIGHT WITH BOSSES - Fight with huge bosses. Find a faster way to kill them.
HACK COMPUTERS - Hack every computer on map to gain additional points and health.
4 TYPES OF DIFFICULTY - Challenge yourself with 4 different types of difficulty

PLAY IT HERE: http://armorgames.com/play/15949/black-iv


Digital Dragons 2014

I’m happy to announce that we finished our presentation on Digital Dragons 2014 about our new project called „Abysall”. I attached photo and video trailer below. Enjoy!


Abyssal is a FPP horror game where you control unknown character who try to discover his identity. Game is running on Unity 4 engine.


Unity3D (Amnesia Simulation)

It’s an old project I made for my school assignment in 48 Hours Challenge. I wanted to make simulation of Amnesia type games (Drag, drop, move stuff around). You can see my results on the video below

- Reading Notes
- Draggable Doors, drawers and other objects
- Pick up Weapon and use it (Animated)
- Pick up FlashLight and use it to illuminate your rooms
- Recharge your flashlight with new batteries.
- Pick up and throw Boxes, Rotate them 360 deegres,
- Destroy elements of maps


Abyssal – Unity3D project for DD 2014

I’m working on new game in Unity3D with some friends in school. We try to organize and build fully playable game dedicated exclusive for PC. We also want to show our game on big event called „Digital Dragons” on May but there is still a lot things to do. I will give you more details soon!




Raven Crime Analytics!

Over 500k unique players and 500 hosts in first 30 days!
The average time playing the game is 6mins and 56secs, as per Google Analytics data.

Some of the reviews from the biggest sites:

Probably one of the best designed detective games I’ve played in a while! I like the noire setting, the intuitive game controls (also a great introduction to them, which lets you skip past everything with ease if you learn quickly). It’s interesting how it combines 2D and 3D too, and the graphics are great. Was a bit surprised to see such a clearly animated character with all them details surroundings, but it does work well. Plenty of people and items to interact with, places to explore; one big crime to solve. Nice work!


This is one of the few games that I have played that is well thought out. Enjoyed the storyline and overall theme.

5/5 Stars


Awesome game! Played it stoned and had a great time.


Totally love this game I hope there’s a sequel for this game :) totally rock my mind :) so many challenges I feel like I was the main character. Keep up the good work!



Raven Crime Walkthrough


Raven Crime is out!

I’m really excited to announce that my new game Raven Crime is finally out.
You can play it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/626179

Solve a mysterious crime, the murder of a beautiful young woman with a raven tattoo. Use your detective skills to uncover clues that stem multiple investigations and lead you down a challenging path! This PNC / Escape game is uniquely developed with 3 long winded stages that will test you logic and problem solving skills. Embark this journey as John Anderson, a detective that has come back from an extended break on the task force. Good luck solving the crime, and be careful… the streets of New York City are dangerous!


Jacob Dzwinel
Detail oriented team player. Organized, flexible and able to meet deadlines in a fast paced environment. Excellent communication skills with others.